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We are entering into an exciting new era of tourism in the region—one that will broaden existing and new channels to expand the exposure of your organization and its events.

In 2017, our members can look forward to:

– Enhanced listings on our website
– Section sponsorship opportunities
– Discounts in our Official Visitors Guide
– Coordinated splash promotions on
– Prime placement as “New & Noteworthy” features on
– Coordinated posts in our social media channels and via periodic press opportunities
– Access to create and track Deals: discount offers to our general public website members
– Coordinated sponsorship of our weekly “The Weekender” e-mail blast and custom blasts by interest category to our general public website members

Our goal is to build a tourism community like no other through strategic promotions and meaningful engagement that create conversations about our members, resulting in a sense of connectedness for all who visit and live in South Jersey.

Membership Levels:

Membership of Visit South Jersey is available through three option!

– Full Membership ($150 per year) – Exclusively to members of certain local chambers of commerce and economic development organizations.
– Associate Membership ($225 per year) – For Business, Organization and Groups not part of a local chamber.
Full Membership ($500 per year) – Exclusively to owners of those in our Beverage Tourism Industry (Wineries, Breweries and Distilleries).

For more information and to receive full program details, please contact us via the contact form below.

Looking forward to a game-changing 2017!


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